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We want to explore whether there may be scope for third sector organisations to develop data coops for community benefit. We want to test whether data coops could combine personal, organisational and public open data and function as asset-locked vehicles so that the sector is better placed to understand the costs/impact associated with different approaches to service delivery; evidence ‘better for less’ or alternative service proposals to commissioners; and influence evidence-based policy-making activities on the basis of robust evidence.


We need to test the extent to which there is liable to be interest in efforts to develop Data Coops on the part of community organisations and, if there is, how government standards and activities already underway in this sphere can support them. We also need to develop a data "asset-lock" - in particular, to prevent the potential for the re-sale of aggregated data for private profit contrary to the interests/wishes of would-be contributors – as well as to engender compliance with pertinent regulations . This is our outline method – which we’ll update as our work progresses.


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News, updates, and conversation about Our Data Coop.

Voluntary and Community Sector Survey

10/11/2014 - Our Data Coop is a research project designed to explore the feasibility of a cooperative model for data collection, storage, analysis and use by and for the voluntary and community sector. This survey aims to find out about the collection, analysis, storage, sharing and use of data by the Voluntary and Community Sector to inform the design of any Data Coop that might result from our work.

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Update on Data Coops for Community Benefit

25/09/2014 - We first talked about developing data coops for community benefit when we joined Edgeryders at the UnMonastery for #LOTE3 last Autumn. Our experience of supporting the Our Digital Community initiative with the Creative Coop, membership of the Local Public Data Panel, as well as conversations with local government colleagues in the UK had led us to conclude that the third sector lags behind its public and private counter-parts where establishing a reliable and effective intelligence capability is concerned.   More >>

Developing Data Coops for Community Benefit

10/06/2014 - If the third sector is to move with the times, we believe it is incumbent upon us to increase our understanding of the implications of technological change for Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations (VCSEs), as well as to explore how we might harness broad-ranging technologies to help solve persistent social problems.   More >>

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We will complete our research towards the end of the year, then consider how to approach practical prototyping with community organisations. If you’d like to get involved in this first phase of activity or contribute your thoughts and suggestions in the interim, we’d love to hear from you: